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Playoff Win


Written by: Scott Simon
Sunday, September 14, 2008

KTI put up a great fight despite not having a full team, but we "hit it where they weren't" enough times to win.

We should also give credit to the KTI player who exemplified the Mensch Rule today. He hit a scorching ground ball to our first baseman, who couldn't get his glove out in time. The ball ricocheted off the defender's shin and rolled toward first base. Our first baseman picked up the ball with his bare hand and swiped at KTI's player just as he ran by. The first base umpire called the runner safe, but KTI's player admitted he'd been tagged and called himself out.

Though playing shorthanded and needing every advantage his team could get, KTI's player gave one up in the name of honesty and deserves some recognition.

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