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Too Few Hits


Written by: Scott Simon
Sunday, June 14, 2009

When the opposing pitcher strikes out nine and only allows four hits, you congratulate him on his great game and hope you get another shot at him in the playoffs.

No use complaining that our lineup was missing the guys that usually bat third, fourth, sixth and seventh, because on this day Lenny barely gave up the one run. Two of our four hits were weak pop-ups that just fell over the infield.

Still, when the score was 4-1 in the eighth and we had runners on second and third, Daniel Finger hit a rocket line drive right at the second baseman. One foot to the left or right and we've cut it to a one run deficit. That's why they call this a game of inches.

Nice debut for Ron Acker, with two gold glove outfield catches and one of our very few hits.

Stats are up here.

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