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Last Week Before Playoffs


Written by: Scott Simon
Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Here is a quick note to advise you on a Rules Committee decision as we go into the last week before the playoffs.

You can see that the August 2 game between KTI and TIC-NR resulted in a tie. Here's what happened. KTI was scheduled to play Scarsdale in the first game of a doubleheader and TIC-NR in the second game.

KTI showed up at Scarsdale but the field umpire called off the game due to rain. KTI then called supervisor of umpires Dick Kittle from the Scarsdale field. Dick erroneously told KTI that their second game (against TIC-NR) was also canceled.

KTI was the home team for their game with TIC-NR, and was therefore responsible for the inspection of Gedney. But KTI listened to Dick Kittle -- assuming he had greater information about Gedney's condition -- instead of going to Gedney to check on field conditions. TIC-NR also had a doubleheader last week. They played TBE-NR at Gedney and were waiting at Gedney for KTI, who never showed up.

The Board asked the Rules Committee to determine what should happen. They voted that the game should be called a tie. So we scored the game 0-0.

Between last Sunday's rainstorm and some earlier washouts, there are still a bunch of other games for teams to make up. Managers have known since last winter that any games unplayed after August 9 would result in a double forfeit for the teams involved. Please make every effort to get these games in. Thank you.

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