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Welcome to the 2011 WHSL Season


Written by: Scott D. Simon
Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I have it on good authority that when the 2011 season starts on April 17, there will be no more snow on the ground.

The WHSL held its winter meeting on Thursday, January 20. Here's how the managers voted:

The current members of the WHSL board are: Scott D. Simon, Commissioner, and Stephen Feldschuh & Rich Kavy, Vice-Commissioners.

Annual league dues are $850 for the 2011 season (which includes two cases of softballs). Any team whose dues are not received by March 17, 2011 will be deemed to have forfeited its right to play in the 2011 season.

The 2011 regular season consists of 16 games, starting on April 17. Every team will have one bye. No games will be played on April 24 (Passover). The league's All-Star Game will be played on July 3. August 28 will be the first round of the playoffs, the 16-17 seed play-in game. Playoffs will begin for all other teams on September 11.

The A Division will have the 8 teams with the best 2010 regular-season record. The B Division will have the remaining 9 teams in the league. The 2011 regular season schedule will feature overlap between the divisions. In other words, A-Division teams will play teams from B-Division in 2011.

There will be one playoff tournament following the regular season. All teams will make the playoffs. Playoff seeding will be based, first, on a combination of regular-season record and quality of victories, and second on head-to-head record. The third tiebreaker, if necessary, will be a coin flip.

The quality-of-victory component of playoff seeding will be calculated as follows: Based on 2010 final standings, the league is separated into three tiers of 6, 6, and 5 teams.

Tier one teams get 3 points for beating tier one teams, 2 points for beating tier two teams, and 1 point for beating tier three teams.

Tier two teams get 4 points for beating tier one teams, 2 points for beating tier two teams, and 1 point for beating tier three teams.

Tier three teams get 5 points for beating tier one teams, 4 points for beating tier two teams, and 2 points for beating tier three teams.

For 2011, the tiers will be as follows:

Tier 1: Greenburgh, WJC, Woodlands, B'nai B'rith, Harrison, TBE-Chappaqua.

Tier 2: Larchmont, TIC-WP, KTI, TINR, TBE-NR, CSI

Tier 3: Scarsdale, First Hebrew, TBA, Bet Torah, Shaarei Tikvah.

Teams will be ranked for the playoffs 1 through 17 by seeding points.

We're less than three months away from Opening Day. Here's to another fun and competitive softball season.

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