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Playoff Points Standings


Written by: Scott D. Simon
Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Take a look at the top-left corner of the WHSL website. There's now a link (pdf) to Playoff Points Standings. The site's "Standings" page can tell you wins and losses, but remember that league managers voted at the Winter Meeting to base playoff seeding primarily on quality of victories.

The quality-of-victory component of playoff seeding will be calculated as follows: Based on 2010 final standings, the league is separated into three tiers of 6, 6, and 5 teams.

Tier one teams get 3 points for beating tier one teams, 2 points for beating tier two teams, and 1 point for beating tier 3 teams.

Tier two teams get 4 points for beating tier one teams, 2 points for beating tier two teams, and 1 point for beating tier three teams.

Tier three teams get 5 points for beating tier one teams, 4 points for beating tier two teams, and 2 points for beating tier three teams.

For 2011, the tiers will be as follows:

Tier 1: Greenburgh, WJC, Woodlands, B'nai B'rith, Harrison, TBE-Chappaqua.
Tier 2: Larchmont, TIC-WP, KTI, TINR, TBE-NR, CSI
Tier 3: Scarsdale, First Hebrew, TBA, Bet Torah, Shaarei Tikvah.

So if you check out the PDF standings page, put together by intrepid vice-commissioner Rich Kavy, you'll see that Tier 1 teams B'nai B'rith and Greenburgh would be the top two seeds if the season ended today. B'nai has five wins, four of which came against Tier 1 teams and the other against a Tier 2 team. Greenburgh also has five wins, but the early schedule gave Greenburgh games against four Tier 1 teams and two Tier 2 teams. Greenburgh's 5-1 record in those games gave it one fewer playoff point than B'nai.

Currently in third place in the playoff point standings is Tier 3 team TBA. Their 4-1 record includes two wins over Tier 2 teams. TBA is taking great advantage of the rule giving lower-tier teams extra credit for beating higher-tier teams.

We'll update the playoff points standings again at the All-Star Break (the game and family day is July 3 -- mark your calendars!) and then more frequently as the playoffs get closer.

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