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Recap - WJC Wins 2012 WHSL Championship


Written by: Scott D. Simon
Friday, January 11, 2013

It is difficult to report on five hours of doubleheader softball when you are right in the middle of the action. It is especially tough when the two games are the closest, toughest-played games you can remember. 

The best way to describe last Sunday's action is to show just how back-and-forth these games went:

Game 1
Top 1st: 1-0, WJC.
Bottom 3rd: 2-1, Greenburgh
Top 4th: 3-2, WJC
Bottom 6th: 4-3, Greenburgh
Top 8th: 7-4, WJC
Bottom 8th: 7-7 tie
Top 9th: 8-7, WJC (final score)

Game 2
Bottom 1st: 2-0, WJC
Top 4th: 2-2 tie
Top 6th: 3-2, Greenburgh
Bottom 9th: 3-3 tie
Top 10th: 4-3, Greenburgh
Bottom 10th: 5-4, WJC (final score)

On the day, ten lead changes and three ties! Unbelievably competitive. 

For Greenburgh, Adam Eis went the distance in both games. Jeff Friedman knocked four hits and Ben Rommen tallied five. 

For WJC, Joel Simon pitched the entire first game and the last two innings of the second, picking up both wins. Andy Scopp played spectacular defense at second base. Brian Lazere and Alex Weisberger were WJC's hitting stars, picking up nine hits between them. 

When you consider that the last three games between these teams have each been decided by one run, you know that everyone on both squads gave their all. 

Indeed, in the 10th inning of Game 2, Isaac Hattem -- WJC's slugging first baseman -- laid out to stop a guaranteed double smashed down the line by Greenburgh's Ben Rommen. Isaac gloved the ball as he landed on the point of his shoulder blade. He was forced to leave the game and doctors later diagnosed him with a broken bone and torn ligaments. 

By stopping the ball, Rommen was held to just a single. Had the ball reached the outfield, Greenburgh may have scored more than one run in the 10th inning and put the game out of reach. Happily, Isaac is expected to recover from surgery in time for opening day next season.  

Looking forward to next season as a part of the defending champs! 

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