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STik-ball Retools for 2008 Season


Written by: Ken Kirschner
Wednesday, March 12, 2008

OK, so our first season was not everything we had hoped. We lost, a lot; ok every time. But truth be told, we also had a lot of fun playing ball together and not a single guy walked away because of our 2007 record. Everyone is psyched for green grass, blue skies and softball.

That said, we would like to win some games this year. And while we are not discouraged by the new single league format, it will make our schedule harder than in our rookie year. So what to do.

First, we agreed that the team will no longer be managed like a little league team. (Unfortunately for yours truly, this did not mean a new team manager.) We will be using more aggressive pitching. We will also be fielding according to ability even if some of us need to sit out more for the good of the team.

We also have been scouring the local colleges, high schools and playgrounds to recruit some fresh talent. We think we have added some talent, but it may not be quite as fresh as we might like. Still we are glad to have Lenny, and Matt join the team to help mentor us to successs. We are also excited to have Jesse and Matt join us in an effort to keep the mean team age under 50.

Finally, we have left the nest of Gedney Way to claim a rightful home at Supply Field in Scarsdale.

It is a new day for Shaarei Tikvah. We have new building poised to open. With the opening of a new softball season, the ballfield gates are open and we are full of hope. (Get it? Shaarei = Gates; Tikvah = Hope; try to keep up here.)




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