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Great win by Greenburgh on Opening day!


Written by: The Wolf
Sunday, April 13, 2008

It was a stellar come from behind win today. Our pitcher who seems to be underrated for  both his pitching, and for his bat, showed how it's is done both ways. Pitching a very solid effort and stroking a double over the heads of 2 opposing outfielders. Our bats were hot today, and if this happens in the cold weather, what's going to happen when it's starts turning warm? Defense was also solid and was a real team effort all around. We showed alot of heart and class, and proved unlike the 1st baseman on the other team who still refuses to be a "mensch" and shake our hands. His team of players outclass him by far and he should learn something from it. Oh well. We expected a new year and new person. We were sadly mistaken and we came away with the victory nonetheless. Let's keep it going in week #2 on May 4th.

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