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Bat Rules - Procedure and Update


Written by: Scott Simon
Tuesday, May 13, 2008

To alleviate any confusion with respect to the new bat rules voted on this offseason, please note two important points:

1) Every captain should check both his and his opponent's bats before every game
2) The list that should be used to check bats is the NON-APPROVED bat list

If you find a bat on the NON-APPROVED list, please bring it to the attention of the captain of the other team so the bat does not get used during the game.

If you feel it necessary to question a bat that a player brings to the plate, follow this procedure: (A) Ask the ump for a time out; (B) Check the bat against the NON-APPROVED bat list; (C) If the bat is on the NON-APPROVED list, the umpire shall eject the player who used the bat, and the bat shall be removed from the game.

Please note that in the months since our offseason vote, the ASA has deemed certain bats with the ASA 2000 and ASA 2004 certification mark to be non-approved bats. These certain bats are included in the list of non-approved bats posted on the league website. This is why you need to check both your bats and your opponents' bats against the NON-APPROVED list. This information has been updated on the league website.

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